April 2, 2011 - 10:15am
by Shane Simpson

In support of a good cause!

We've recently hired a new EZP staff member, Stuart Duncan. We've been extremely busy and haven't had a chance to do a proper introduction for him yet, that'll come in a future post. However, we at EZP wanted to show him our support in his campaign to bring greater Understanding and Acceptance of Autism today. Because today is a big day, it's autism awareness day and Stuart's campaign is to take this day and push it a couple steps further than before.

I could write more about how this disorder affects nearly 1 in every 100 people (and much more than that when you think about the families impacted by autism as well), or how perception in the community of the disorder needs to change, but Stuart does a MUCH better job of this than I can. So I suggest everyone take a read through his blog, starting with this post:

Awareness is not enough. This is what Autism is to me.

There are a few posts that are real gems in his blog even for those families who aren't impacted by Autism.

You can also follow Stuart on twitter: @autismfather

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