October 23, 2010 - 10:34am
by Shane Simpson

What's been happening at EZP recently?

As we're not the most imaginative bunch here, coming up with ideas for blog posts is pretty tough. So we've decided to blog about stuff we've been doing to keep our clients up to date. So in the past couple of weeks here we've:

* Helped recover and secure a hacked server for a client with an outdated vbulletin vbseo install.
* Recovered and secured 2 hacked wordpress installs - again, just out of date software. Also installed W3 Total Cache for both clients.
* Rolled out our spam filtering product to over half of our existing client base so far - free of charge. Still working to get everyone else on it.
* Migrated several new clients over from their old host(s).
* Installed Varnish on a cpanel server for a client.
* Worked on improving our internal processes to increase security.
* Continued testing on our Vancouver based Cloud hosting product. This is probably a subject for another blog post though.

Of course, we also did a bunch of the regular day to day stuff that we always have to do - change passwords for clients, restore some backups, troubleshoot email delivery issues, etc. In essence, we've been very busy here at EZP.

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