Sometime's you just need a dedicated server. Full power professional hardware all to yourself. From simple web servers to multiple server redundant clusters, EZP can help you to acheive everything that you are looking to do. Whatever that may be!


Intel E3 1241 V3 xeon CPU
1000 GB bandwidth

$219.99 / month


Contact EZP for Custom Solutions

    SSL Certificates

    R1soft CDP Backups

    FTP Backup Space

    OS Management Services

    cPanel Control Panel

    Anti-Spam Scanning Service

    Additional IPs

    Our dedicated servers come in one primary configuration with many customizable options. If you are interested in a dedicated server, simply contact us here: (insert sales email link) and we'll work with you to find the best fit for your needs.

    $49/m Fully managed support & 24/7 monitoring.

    EZP will install, manage & monitor the server OS and LAMP stack. Whether you need a little support or a lot, our team can help you out.

    $40/m cPanel License

    The world’s most popular server dashboard. With it’s clean interface and ease of use, it has everything you need to control your server via a simple web interface.

    $15/m Cloudlinux license

    Allows for strict account isolation, enhanced security & resource allocation, please see for more info. We strongly recommend this for clients who want to run more than 1 site on their VPS.

    $40/m Litespeed license

    Litespeed web server is a 100% drop-in replacement for apache that is faster in almost every application. While we are huge fans of open source solutions, we love Litespeed for it’s ease of use.

    $10/m Litespeed Cache

    Tremendously speedy, configurable caching that inoculates you from going viral. This is seriously the secret sauce you need for your busy sites.

    $15/m R1soft backups.

    This gives you an R1soft backup agent and 40GB of storage space. We’re fans of R1soft because of it’s low impact backups.

    $5/m FTP backups for 40gb of space.

    Useful for configuring cPanel backups, etc. Sometimes you just need a little space off server for simple backups.

    $5/m Additional 40gb of backup space.

    Can be used for R1soft or FTP backups.

    $2/m Additional IP address.

    While not always necessary, sometimes you need more IP’s.

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