Recently a few clients told us to share more on our blog and social media. At EZP we have a tendency to get lost in our work and forget to blog, be active on social media, etc.. We’ve decided that we’re going to try to make an effort to be a bit more active. So to those that know who they are, thanks for the push to get us started.

To start, we’re going to simply share some of the work we do on a daily basis. With that in mind, here is a quick yet great example of what goes on over here:

A client submitted a support ticket regarding their wordpress site hosted on our shared servers – it was taking over 20 seconds to finish rendering the index page. They were obviously quite upset at this performance. You can’t blame them at all for that either, because that’s really quite slow.

First thing we did was to take a quick peek at the site in chrome with developer tools open. The site took well over 20 seconds to load. To render the page required 275 requests and 5.4mb of content, which is a bit much for any site. Coupled with their use of 65 plugins on their site – an excessively LARGE amount – and it is easy to see why the site was not performing optimally.

What really caught our eye was that the site had no cache plugin and essentially no other optimizations.

We immediately recommended they install the LiteSpeed cache plugin for wordpress (as we suggest here) .

With that one change, their site now consistently loads in under 2 seconds!

Many more optimizations could be made to further improve the performance of their wordpress website. We recommended a few, but they are quite happy with how things are now.

But implementing LiteSpeed Cache IS the low hanging fruit. It only takes a few seconds to add the plugin to wordpress and activate it. Then simply go into the LiteSpeed Cache plugin settings and click the enable button. While there are a ton more features in this plugin (and you should definitely explore them!), for most people simply enabling it will have a dramatic impact on performance.

To re-inforce this, we’ll share a second example. Another happy client followed our advice to utilize LiteSpeed Cache and sent us the image below. Not only did they rave about how easy it was to install and configure, they sent us an image showing that they shaved more than 2.5 seconds off their page load times with next to no effort:

lscache makes sites fast

This is just a quick post to show how much of an impact you can make on your wordpress site performance by installing LiteSpeed Cache. Litespeed also has plugins for Drupal and Joomla – plus several other popular CMS. There is even a specific cache product for Magento that we can install on your VPS or dedicated server!

Have a question, or need a hand with LiteSpeed Cache on your site? Just get in touch with us. We’re always happy to help!