Joomla! World Conference 2016 will always have a special place in our hearts – it was the first event that sponsored, we even had a booth setup!

First, it has to be said that Joomlers are an amazingly friendly group. We met many new people, received a lot of positive feedback and had a lot of fun at this event.

In addition to meeting a whole bunch of awesome Joomlers, we managed to spend some time with other amazing sponsors at the conference:

  • – They offer an amazing security product to help websites avoid getting hacked, plus fix sites up when they do get hacked. We already use this service for a few of our clients and absolutely love it. We picked up some tips from this team at the conference and are looking forward to building on our relationship.
  • – They offer another set of website security products that are also very interesting and could possibly end up in our service offering.
  • – These gentlemen from across the pond were showcasing a brilliant tool for editing joomla websites. I believe they called it “inline editing” and it allows admins to edit their website right on the page with a simple wysiwyg editor, instead of building pages in the admin area.
  • – This team offers a new way to get stock images and audio for your sites.
  • – This awesome small team make the absolutely essential php storm IDE (and others). All the coding that occurs at goes on in php storm, we love this product.

There were other sponsors, but these are the folks we managed to chat with. It was a busy event and we didn’t have time to talk with everyone.

Of course, we have to show off our booth!


As you can see, we obviously went for the time tested booth babe ideology. James was kept busy handing out our awesome t-shirt’s printed up for us by the team! We also printed up some cool stickers and brochures through The perfect banner & stand were from To help us pull this all off, our friends from had our back because we know how to make things work but we’re not so great at making it beautiful.

All in all, it was a great weekend event. We made some good connections in the Joomla industry and left with plenty of new ideas to help us improve our hosting products.

Finally, we have to send many thank you’s out to the Joomla! team for the amazing conference they put on – everything ran smoothly for us, plus we were pleasantly surprised at the excellent food at the meals!