Updating Config Files

The things you need to look for during the transition between hosts are the home directory path, and the database information.

With cPanel the home directory path is based on your username and will follow the pattern “/home/<user>/public_html” where <user> is your cPanel username.

The database information will consist of the database host, username, password, and database name. This will all mostly be set by you during your “create database” step but will generally be as follows because cPanel uses the username as a base by default for the db username and the db name:

host: localhost
username: <user>_admin
dbname: <user>_db

Obviously, use your actual username here. So if your cPanel account username is ezpnet, you would use:

host: localhost
username: ezpnet_admin
dbname: ezpnet_db

Once your files are uploaded and the database is imported you should be good to go!