Recently a few clients told us to share more on our blog and social media. At EZP we have a tendency to get lost in our work and forget to blog, be active on social media, etc.. We’ve decided that we’re going to try to make an effort to be a bit more active. So […]

We’ve been watching the scene unfold around the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerability disclosures over the past few days. If you are not aware, there are potential exploits that revolve around nearly all modern CPU’s that for a hosting provider mostly affect shared and VPS/Cloud services. If you want to learn more about these vulnerabilities, there […]

Ok, here is the long awaited follow up to our last blog post, So your website was hacked. We weren’t lying when we said cleaning up hacked websites was a big endeavour. Heck, it was a big endeavour just writing about it! But here it is, our DIY Hacked Website Cleanup article. TL;DR: Cleaning up […]

Website Hacks So it happened. Your website got hacked. You should feel shame. Ok, it does happen to nearly everyone. Plus our guide on how to secure your website is still in production. So perhaps not too much shame? But still. We know what happened – you forgot to Update your CMS. Whether WordPress, Drupal, […]

It’s time for part 4 in our Cloudlinux series. Read part 1, part 2 & part 3. In previous posts we explained why we use Cloudlinux on our shared hosting service, showed wordpress users on our shared hosting how to easily reduce resource usage and speed up their site with the LSCache plugin and also […]

Ok, so here we are with part 3 of our series on Cloudlinux resource limits. (Read part 1 & part 2) In this post I want to discuss the errors your site may see when it hits these limits. This is especially relevant to our shared hosting clients, but also of interest for anyone running […]

So here we are with our next post on how to reduce the amount of resources your website uses. We were initially planning on making this post a full rundown on how to track down resource usage. But since so many of our clients run WordPress, we thought we should quickly introduce the easiest way […]

Cloudlinux What are these emails I am receiving with the subject “Hosting account resources exceeded”? This is a question we get from clients once in a while. So perhaps we need a post to explain things. Cloudlinux sends these emails when your shared hosting account uses more resources (such as CPU cycles, available RAM, etc.) […]

Joomla! World Conference 2016 will always have a special place in our hearts – it was the first event that sponsored, we even had a booth setup! First, it has to be said that Joomlers are an amazingly friendly group. We met many new people, received a lot of positive feedback and had a lot […]

Our new site is online. We’ve put in a bit of work on this one, made some major changes – moved from Drupal to WordPress for example. We moved simply for the experience, we had no issues with Drupal. We love both CMS’s. We pushed hard to get this launched in time for Joomla World […]